North Park Hospital District

Jackson County, Colorado

Ambulance and Helicopter

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Mailing Address:  PO Box 613, Walden, CO  80480

Administrative Asst./Secretary of Board: 

The Ambulance Service for
Jackson County, Colorado

The North Park Hospital District (NPHD) located in beautiful, Walden, Colorado, was established in 1960 and manages the Ambulance Service in Jackson County.  The District is governed by an elected, five member Board of Directors.   NPHD is a Special District largely supported by Taxable Real Property within the County and revenue generated through Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  NPHD is proud to employ two, full-time Paramedics, one, part-time Paramedic and three, full-time EMTs.  The District also has an EMS, Volunteer Staff of, eleven, certified EMTs and Ambulance Drivers.  The entire EMS Crew operates under the direction and expertise of Medical Director, Dr. Lynnette Telck.   The Ambulance provides EMS to residents and visitors within 1628 square miles.  Jackson County is considered Colorado's  "last frontier" bounded by mountain summits rising from 8,099 feet valley floor to peaks of 12,965 feet.  The rugged geography of Jackson County creates a unique tourist experience as well as a challenge to our EMS providers who serve these people and the citizens of Jackson County.